About me

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All of my work is handcrafted and in various styles. I like to work organically, at times

taking my

inspiration from the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, the beauty of  imperfection. I use this

technique to explore our

pre-programmed ideas of what is

Beautiful: as I allow the hammer to fall and have its own input into the work, it reflects our

imperfections and our beauty at the same time.

I also enjoy working with more classic designs to create simple yet

elegant pieces, some with stones set into the work, with both mirror and satin finishes.




All of my work can be customised to your own taste, I can work with faceted stones and cabochons.

A lot of my work is done by commission, so if you like what I do please get in touch with your ideas. If I can make your dream piece of jewellery for you I’d be happy to help.

I also run workshops if you’re interested in having a go yourself.



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